The Brotherhood of Redemption!

We are a guild of mature players (18+) on Sarlona, dedicated to treating others with compassion and respect. The Brotherhood of Redemption was founded during the DDO Alpha release in 2005. We are primarily from the US in the Eastern & Central time zones, but do have members from both Australia and Europe.

  • We have a strong mix of both newer players and seasoned veterans in most level ranges!
  • If you are coming back to DDO look us up we can help explain what has changed and fill in some of your DDO gaps.
  • We have several members who are transferring in from other servers. We help get you up to speed and back on your feet.

We have several gears while questing, some times we stop to smell the flowers other times we zoom through quests "just to get it done" It all depends on the group’s mood. We do have several high level guild crafters and even a haggle bot available if you want to save some platinum. We tend to leverage our guild website / calendar to organize larger activities, gather and share game information, builds, etc…

What are the benefits of joining BoR?

  • Help you meeting your in-game questing goals. If you are looking to run specific content, using the guild calendar makes scheduling questing easy. If you need something ASK, most of us have bank toons with gear and are overflowing in platinum.
  • We maintain an active guild website. One stop shopping for game news, character build / gear discussions / questing aids / guild crafting / guild haggle bard / bacon making ideas!
  • We have a badassed guild ship (the Kraken) with all of the best amenities and supply/ trading chests!
  • Bacon! Yes we love our bacon and even have an entire forum thread dedicated to Bacon picture, jokes and recipes!
  • Members share tearable puns and cheesy jokes – often like a broken sword, most don’t have much of a point.

What the BoR asks from you!

  • You must be able to hear and understand spoken English - a microphone is preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Please treat BoR members (and ALL DDO players) with respect, remember we are all here to have some fun!
  • Remeber we all have DIFFERENT in game goals – don't expect a full party of guild mates for every quest.
  • We look for people that attend the guild events, donate to the trading chest, and share your bacon knowledge.
  • Understanding that this is a game! If you are on line please help each other out when you can, if you cant that is fine too, a guild works best when we all work together.
  • Report annoyances or problems with anyone in the game (especially guildies) to our officers as soon as possible – then get back to having fun!
  • Visit our guild website often to keep up with guild events and game news!

If you are still reading and would like join the Brotherhood of Redemption we ask that you :

  1. Visit our website and apply for membership.
  2. In-game you ask any of our members to alert an officer you have applied, if no one is online, please send in-game mail to our guild leader Propane.

Our Guild website can be found at:

Membership applications are available for review by guild all members/officers. It is strongly encouraged that applicants seek out a guild member/officer to run a quest or two with in order to help insure a good fit both for both the applicant and guild.

If you do not feel the Brotherhood of Redemption is for you – no hard feelings – thank you for taking the time to look at us and best of luck moving forward exploring!