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D&D Pen & Paper - Help with Xmas Reindeer Centaur idea

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I'd like to lean on everyone's collective creativity filling out the TBD blanks below or even coming up with better ideas

I'll be preparing a 1-shot xmas adventure for the family and am planning to have a village beset by a variant of Santa's Reindeer...Centaurs with reindeer bodies (and antlers)

The party needs to convince the various reindeer to leave; preferably without combat if possible.

I'm looking for ideas for non-leathal challenges....I'd like two options per reindeer if possible


1. Lust: Vixen will indiscriminately mate with normal reindeer. Track and convince a nearby herd of reindeer to visit the stables (animal friendship, speak to animals, etc.) for some frisky xmas fun

2. TBD


1. Poetry: Party has 9 minutes to compose three haiku related to specific wintery subjects (one per each party member). Prancer will judge

2. TBD....maybe rhymes or pun contest


1. Dance off of course...dexterity, athletics, acrobatics, insight and constitution checks over the various rounds

2. TBD


1. Race through a magical snow storm with animated snow men obstacles. Party has to cut through village while Dasher agrees to race around the village

2. TBD...maybe something involving the blacksmith and horseshoe crafting


1. Defeat in games of chance (dice rolling gambling)

2. TBD...maybe defeat in ring toss


1. Fill in the blanks for well known christmas songs (I supply first few lines and party has to remember the next line)

2. TBD...preferably something involving music


1. Something involving cooking in the kitchen in the tavern (Doner is making doner kabobs for his friends). Knowledge and medicine checks

2. TBD Maybe hunt/source the meat or spices needed for the doner kabobs)


1. A drinking contest...constitution checks

2. TBD


- Not really sure what to do here...maybe something involving lights or colors
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Mort must be busy...I think he may be our only other active pen and paper player
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Complete missing song lyrics to reduce DC of song challenge:
- Zero Right: DC 26
- One Right: DC 23
- Two Right: DC 20
- Three Right: DC 17
- Four Right: DC 14, one advantage dice
- Five Right: DC 11, two advantage dice

2. Succeed 3 challenges to convince Cupid to go home. Each Lost challenge results in someone singing….”Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way, Oh What Fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh” on a failed Charisma saving throw. DC 13/ DC 16/ DC 19 on third failure. Those singing song can’t participate in next challenge.

3. Players must be proficient in a skill that they attempt for the challenge. Player must explain how the skill could be used. Once a player attempts a skill, they can not use that skill again for this challenge.

She'd been drinkin' ______ ______ ______ ______, 
And we'd ____________ ______ not to go. 
But she'd left her ______________, 
So she stumbled out the door into the ___________

_________ is mine: Its bitter perfume
Breaths a life of ___________ _________.
Sorrowing, sighing, ________ _______,
__________ in the stone-cold tomb

You're a monster, _____ _________, 
Your _______ an empty __________, 
Your _________ is full of spiders, you have _______ in your soul, _________ ___________, 
I wouldn't ___________ you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

Flying Through the _____________
Can you hear him ______ _______ _________
He's so full of __________
Only has to work _______ ______ ______ __________

Father Christmas, give us _______ ___________
Don't mess around with those _______ _________
We'll beat you up if you don't ________ _______ _________
We want your bread so don't _______ ______ __________
Give all the toys to the ___________ _________ __________
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Posted Dec 18, 18 · OP