For some clarity, here is the feature list that was completed and released in 2018.

11 New Dungeons
1 New Raid
2 New Festival Challenge Dungeons
1 Revamped Festival Flow
4 New Enhancement Trees
5 Revamped Enhancement Trees
2 Partial Class Spell List Passes
A New End Game Raid Currency System
Standardized End Game Raid Loot Pass
1 New Racial Variant
4 New Sentient Jewel Personalities
1 Full Festival Loot Revamp
2 Festivals with Loot Additions
1 Expansion on the Sentient System
A full pass on Daily Dice Rewards
Cosmetic Cloaks
4 New Monster Types
A variety of smaller features and bugfixes

This list of features was implemented in a 12 month period sandwhiched in between development and release of 2 Expansion Packs. The above is not a monumental list and everyone probably has a feature or two they wished we’d done something else instead of, however, to state that very little has been released since Ravenloft is misleading. DDO isn’t a giant game this many years since it’s release but we are certainly still chugging along and pumping out new content and features. We will continue to do so for the forseeable future. <3