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Upcoming Change to Rose Colored Goggles - Birthday Item

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We wanted to give you a heads-up about a change to an item coming soon in a patch: The Rose Colored Goggles, found in the Anniversary event. This joke item has a Minimum Level of 30, and applies an effect that "reduces your level cap to 10" by giving you 20 negative levels while equipped. As a joke item, it's fairly cheap to acquire in the Anniversary Party, but its ML30 Named Item status means that it grants the same amount of Sentient XP as a standard level 30 item, which is too much given the effort required to obtain it.

With a patch sometime before this year's Anniversary Event, we'll be reducing the Sentient XP it grants to 10, matching the value of the level this item "reduces" you to.

We recognize that this is a pretty large change for that item, which is why we waited until this year's event to move forward with it, and why we're giving advanced notice now. If you have copies of this item that you're waiting to crunch for Sentient XP, now would be the time to do so.

We've got some other new goodies for the Anniversary coming down the line soon, looking forward to sharing them with you!

Agreed! But the Sentient system was new (<1 month old) and the precaution for this sort of thing on the design end wasn't fully formed yet,so it slipped through. Rather than revoke it immediately, we decided to let it pass and fix it for the next Anniversary. So, here we are: Making a balance change, and giving advanced warning so people know this is being corrected and have time to use up any that are left.
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i think i may still have a pair but no idea what character or TR cache
Posted Jan 10, 19