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Update 41.3 Release Notes

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News and Notes:

Barbarian damage reduction no longer drops on Death.
Some typos have been corrected in Warlock enhancement text.
Dragonborn's Arcanum now properly grants Spell Penetration.
Stronger Bonds from the Aasimar Racial Tree now persists more reliably through Death and Zone Transfers.
Color Spray should now be properly considered an Illusion spell.
New Favor rewards have been added where favor rewards had not existed previously, or where a one-time-use item is granted. Additionally, the Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree is now available to unlock on a per-character basis through Favor.
Tier 1: Grants Skill Bonuses
Tier 2: Grants +5 Hit Points (Stacking)
Tiers 3 & 4: Various Benefits, including: Saves versus Attack types or monster types, Tree Access, and other benefits

In this update, the following Favor grants new benefits:
Gate Keepers:
Rank 1: Favor 75 - "Gatekeepers: Skill Bonus" - "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Concentration and Spot skills."
Rank 2: Favor 150 - "Gatekeepers: Hit Point Bonus" - "This feat grants you +5 HP."

House Jorasco: Adds the following bonuses to Existing Ranks
Rank 1 :"House Jorasco: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to the Heal and Diplomacy skills."
Rank 2: "House Jorasco: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."

House Deneith:
Rank 1: "House Deneith: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 Intimidate and Search skills."
Rank 2: "House Deneith: Hit Points Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."

Purple Dragon Knight
Rank 2: "Purple Dragon Knights: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."
Rank 4: "Purple Dragon Knights: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Evil Creatures."

House Phiarlan:
Rank 1: "House Phiarlan: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Hide and Perform skills."

The Twelve
Rank 4: "Twelve: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Spell Saves."

Agents of Argonnesson
Rank 3: "Agents of Argonnesson: Save Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 saves versus Dragons."

The Harpers
Rank 1: "Harpers: Skill Bonus" "This feat grants you +2 bonus to Perform and Bluff skills."
Rank 2: "Harpers: Hit Point Bonus" "This feat grants you +5 HP."

The Free Agents:
Rank 4: Access to the Falconry Tree on a per character basis.

A new Feat has been added called Knight's Training:
Description: You have undergone rigorous military training with the traditional weapons of war. These weapons receive one of the following morale bonuses in your hands:
Longsword's critical multiplier has been increased by one.
Battle axes' critical threat range has been increased by one, and by 2 if you have Improved Critical: Slashing.
Heavy Maces, Morning Stars, and War Hammers have had their critical threat range increased by one.
Requires: +4 Base Attack Bonus, Considered a Martial feat. Fighter bonus feats can be used to take this.
The Rose-Colored Goggles now grant 10 Sentient XP when consumed for Sentient XP.
The minimum level to purchase and use a Ruby Eye Augment is now level 1.
Scrolls of Acid Well, Thunderstroke, and Iceberg now use Use Magic Device values found on normal level 9 Wizard and Sorcerer scrolls, instead of using the Artificer UMD progression.
Items with Tendon Slice on them now properly display it.
Cosmetic rewards found in the Ravenloft bundles are now Bound to Account.
The weapon effect "Shockwave" has had its range reduced, and now makes a line of sight check before hitting an enemy.
Most Monsters should no longer aggro through closed doors. Spectral monsters which can pass through doors, such as wraiths, still can.
Monsters should no longer hear player footsteps or players using skills through walls and ceilings.
The color of several red dragons has been fixed.
Attacking a monster that has PRR no longer causes your damage values to display in yellow.
Quests and Adventure Areas
Various changes have been made to the Anniversary event, and new items have been added for the event. The event is not yet active.
The base reward for Anniversary Party ingredients is now 150% of your score, a 50% increase from previous years.
The price of Peanut Butter and Linzer cookies has been increased.
A marker for Delera's Graveyard designer Cisren has been added near the Gygax memorial.
Fixed an issue where traps that hit each other could cause server issues.
A Banker has been added to the Portable Hole.
Watching the trailer for Menace of the Underdark after successfully completing Spinner of Shadows is now optional.
Sora Katra in Siegebreaker will no longer occasionally forget to end her ritual.
Vaklos Halmar no longer gets confused when you talk to him while you're off your raid timer for Fire on Thunder Peak.
The Threads of Fate drop amount in the Raid "The Legendary Hound of Xoriat" has been increased.
Some visual polish work has been done on the runes and underwater scenery in "Lost at Sea"
Several changes have been made to The Price of Freedom:
Entering into the main entrance to the prison in should no longer result in an instant unavoidable ambush while you are still in a loading screen.
One of the dimension doors has been moved to avoid accidental teleportations.
Lava once again deals damage.
In "Killing Time" the debuff "Storm Magic" should now appear in the debuff bar instead of the buff bar.
Several changes have been made to Quarantine:
Aerele (miniboss) will only become active when you are on the correct step in the quest.
Several monsters in the main courtyard have had their position adjusted as to not prevent quest advancement.
Additional work has been done to prevent incorrect item loss during reincarnation.
Additional logging of items has been added at the time a character talks to the Lifeshaper.
The effects of Orange and Red Dungeon Alert have been adjusted.
Some animation polish has been done to the Vistani Knife Fighter in sneak mode.
Additional performance work has been done to address Bard Songs and client stuttering when certain buffs conflicted
Damage against a target is now properly increased when PRR or MRR is reduced to a negative number.
Addressed an issue with turreted enemies that could cause performance issues.
Half Orc Male Great Axe sneak attack animations have undergone some polish work.
Posted Feb 4, 19 · OP
The Threads of Fate drop amount in the Raid "The Legendary Hound of Xoriat" has been increased. Might make it worth running more often.
Posted Feb 5, 19